Todays the day (01/10/08) they launch their shock tactic campaign with dodgy images on your very expensive cigarette packs.

Now we have the answer to combat this attack.

Save and print out image below, cut out pics and warning and insert between cellophane wrapping.

You can make 9 packs from each print out.

You can either choose to repack your cigarettes into your adapted collection of packets or make new ones
each time you buy some so the bin men and cleaners get the message too. lol

Look cool at the table tonight, display  your cig packs with pride.


Right click on image below 'Select save picture as' then print away

Right click on image above 'Select save picture as' then print away

How they will look

As the New World Order / Governments make a move to
decorate our tab packs with disgusting images
http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/health/7635929. stm

We have some suggested designs, that may help get the truth out

full size images can be found here http://www. rense. com/1. mpicons/dees1. htm