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Welcome to Smokers Reunited.
Don't you find it shocking, how 13,000000 + people are forced to role over and follow a law enforced on the British people overnight. This not only affects Britain as it is a political scam, a test to monitor their level of control and general dumbing down of a population that has completely lost its freedoms and rights. And yes they are doing so well.

 It  clearly shows they can get away with anything. With a controlled media the people are crushed very easily. In fact you may as well prepare to lose everything. Get ready to accept ID cards then RFID chips, Carbon allowance's etc etc. Now your media is obsessed with promoting knife crime in order to condition your kids to accept scanners in schools, body searches as they are enslaved into the world of a completely controlled grid. Is this the Country you want to live in were no one cares. The government is our problem and allowing them to generate more and more law is not the solution.

 This law has destroyed thousands of honest business's and tens of thousands of jobs. A law that created thousands more useless council enforcement jobs when we would be better of with more road sweepers.  A law that has created more division between people,  just like racism and every other division they can create between people.

 Now we are not against non smokers,  there should be licensed ( free of fee lol pigs might fly) pubs and clubs that can allow smoking on the premises. Its guaranteed  that the smoking pubs would be packed with both non smokers and smokers but that's natural, enjoying themselves and discussing the slime in government . Which is most likely the real reason for banning it as most people now stay at home.
So its down to you, if you want the  The Party to Start Get Your Pub/Club listed today. We are here to promote your events/
parties to our myspace friends and web site visitors. Click on button below to list your venue.

Its time to now start rebuilding this miserable hole of a Country back to a Country to be proud of!! Yes I know we are bust thanks to this global crime syndicate that controls our so called politicians. When the people find out what's really going on even the non smokers will be reaching for the fags!! Start working together for once in our lives or we are in even deeper trouble.

Open Full Size Print Out Display in Pub/Club
Your Last Chance to Wake Up
and DO something!

We Need Pubs
We need YOU to get us pubs/clubs

Unfortunately we have to charge for a
 listing as  we are not a registered charity
 or Masonic Corporation.

However we will drive more customers to
your pub so the cost should be covered.

Get your pub listed now. Talk to Your Landlord, If he/she  is squealing sponsor them and get listed,  they may even buy you a few drinks for helping save the business. Failing that have a sponsored smoke in and raise the money. Its important for your pub/community to be thriving with the shit that's coming.

If your Town/City does not have a listed venue/s then get them listed now, details below.

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Find your local venue here and meet your fellow smokers and freedom loving Non-smokers of course as we are not bigots like this rotten government!! The Landlord welcomes you all and wants that party atmosphere back. Let's get it together now and Party all the way to the day when we can come inn from the cold.

Remember Smoking in a Pub is not a Crime, never was and never will be. See real crime below! Wake UP.


Get up to date on reality visit  www.silentmajority.co.uk
Tune in to Alex Jones for the latest at  infowars.com.
See who the real criminals are and what's coming. There is a War on for your mind.
Don't fight each other again.
Think about it, make your own mind up to which is real !!

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The Next Party, 11th December. Click here for full details The Party - Imagine Live Great People, Great music, let's Party!!

New Link to The Peoples Revolution Forum Enabling people worldwide to unite and spread the Truth.

The online petition to relax the smoking ban finished with 6,500 signatures at the end of October. Thanks to all those that signed it, we may start another one soon lol! Keep growing our friends both smokers and non-smokers, this has little to do with smoking and more to do with your freedom. Remember they have already started wheeling out the ID cards. This must be resisted if you really do like the freedom you have enjoyed in the past. Join us at Myspace and keep up to date on news and events.